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Tom Cruise pissed me off

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After hearing what Tom Cruise said during an interview on NBC with Matt Lauer, I lost total respect for that bastard. Stating that psychiatry is a "pesudo science" and that Brook Shields' post partum depression could have been easiily remedied with some vitamins and a little exercise is such BS. Hey Tom, stick to your beautiful sunglasses and hair and"over photoshoped" high action, lame-plotted movies.

I wonder how Brook Shields must have felt after that remark.

That prick couldnt last a minute with the DR/DP lots of us have.

Sorry, I had to bring this up.

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Brooke Shields has ably and publicly told him a few choice things -- at least twice. Once was in the New York Times in an Op Ed within the last several weeks.
Tom Cruise, in addition to his devotion to a thoroughly discredited scam organization masquerading as a religion, is as intelligent as those who make fools of themselves speaking about what is or is not "science" when they have no clue.
You insult millions of people and then complain when I point out that you have no clue?

If you really wanted to know the truth about antidepressants, you would have by now already found a way to at least begin. I don't think you're really interested in anything but your own view. I am certainly not going to attempt to "enlighten" you, which would probably be like suggesting that Tom Cruise read the May 6, 1991 issue of TIME Magazine for the cover story, "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" by Richard Behar. Article Subheadings: "Ruined lives. Lost fortunes. Federal crimes. Scientology poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam -- and aiming for the mainstream." -- Time Magazine
CCHR is an arm of the scientology wackos. Totally discredited, except of course among the stupid or the already brainwashed.
You're hanging around the wrong people! :lol:
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