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Tom Cruise pissed me off

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After hearing what Tom Cruise said during an interview on NBC with Matt Lauer, I lost total respect for that bastard. Stating that psychiatry is a "pesudo science" and that Brook Shields' post partum depression could have been easiily remedied with some vitamins and a little exercise is such BS. Hey Tom, stick to your beautiful sunglasses and hair and"over photoshoped" high action, lame-plotted movies.

I wonder how Brook Shields must have felt after that remark.

That prick couldnt last a minute with the DR/DP lots of us have.

Sorry, I had to bring this up.

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Don't confuse legitimate criticism of psychiatry with tactics used by a possible cult. Psychiatry deserves to be criticized. Drug companies have a vested interest in continuing to propogate ideas of the majority of mental illness being chemical. They have a product they have to sell and are willing to manufacture diseases or mislead the public in order to profit. Criticism of psychiatry should not automatically make you an insane cult member, regardless of Tom Cruise and his religious leanings or lack of expertise.
Thats great. But wheres the outrage when companies cover up harmful sometimes fatal side effects? wheres the outrage at the influence that drug companies hold over many doctors? You dont have to completely bash psychiatry but dont become an apologist for it either just because it does help people who are in extreme need. It also hurts people and to say that drug company execs dont do whatever they have to do to sell their product is a bit naive. Even if psychiatry is a viable science and you agree with this dont overlook major problems with this field. Dont accept the opinion of a psychiatrist simply because he's gone through 10 years of college. Its not an unfit conclusion that environments such as these can encourage a groupthink mentality where doctors believe they're doing whats right when in reality they are actually causing some harm.
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