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Tom Cruise pissed me off

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After hearing what Tom Cruise said during an interview on NBC with Matt Lauer, I lost total respect for that bastard. Stating that psychiatry is a "pesudo science" and that Brook Shields' post partum depression could have been easiily remedied with some vitamins and a little exercise is such BS. Hey Tom, stick to your beautiful sunglasses and hair and"over photoshoped" high action, lame-plotted movies.

I wonder how Brook Shields must have felt after that remark.

That prick couldnt last a minute with the DR/DP lots of us have.

Sorry, I had to bring this up.

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Tom cruise is arrogant but hes also highly intelligent. "Psychiatry" shouldnt even be used in the same sentence as "science". Its no more a science than withcraft is. Theres little or no scientific basis to any of it. Its all a bunch of theories and thats a FACT. These "diseases" of the mind that these people have conjured up have never in any way been proven. Even the drugs they prescribe have no known mechanism(also a fact) which to me is scary.

Im absolutely amazed that insurance companies will even cover this crap. I hate to even think of all the money thats been spent to fix "chemical imbalances" that these "doctors" only guess at or even create to begin with their wreckless drugs.


For nearly 30 years I?ve worked with women who have been abused by psychiatry, including those diagnosed with ?post partum depression? (PPD). I?ve documented horror stories of past ?miracle cures? for PPD where psychosurgery mutilated their brains or electroshock wiped out their memory of the birth of their child. Today, mind-altering drugs are passed off as a solution for depression that can follow a traumatic labor. Brooke Shields suffered a grueling labor and was promised that the antidepressant she was prescribed was non-addictive and safe. She was lied to.

The Physicians Desk Reference lists these side effects: agitation, amnesia, confusion, mood swings, nightmares, insomnia, hallucinations, hostility, and psychosis. The FDA warns of suicidal thoughts. Withdrawal effects indicate addiction, a fact that ABC?s Primetime Live exposed last year was suppressed by drug manufacturers.

As for claims that PPD results from a ?chemical imbalance? that mind-altering drugs can supposedly correct, the weight of medical opinion shows that there is no way to even determine a ?normal balance,? let alone how to correct one. Just more lies.

None of this diminishes the fact that new moms can go through hell and can become desperate. Women may experience drastic drops in hormone levels after the birth of a child that can deliver a major shock to their body. Iron deficiency may also be a problem. But they need medical, not psychiatric help.

There are many alternatives but psychiatrists, defending a more than $14 billion a year psychiatric drug industry, would prefer women didn?t know about them. That?s information worth warning others about?and something about which Tom Cruise has thankfully raised the alarm bell.

Jan Eastgate
International President, CCHR
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Fred A. Baughman Jr. MD,

All biological, physical, biochemical, or medical research on psychiatry?s ?disorders?/ ?diseases?-none, to begin with, biological, physical, biochemical, or medical-are doomed to prove nothing, and are fraudulent. The NIMH is the author of the fraud-CHADD and NAMI, with NIMH ?scientists?/ ?researchers? in-house ?conductors?-the propaganda organ!

In the December 22/29, 1999 Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA. 1999;282:2290], we find the musings of heads of the constituent institutes of the National Institutes of Health, as to what the future portends for their disciplines.

Targeting the year 2020, Steven E. Hyman, MD, Director of the NIMH states, remarkably enough:

By 2020 it will be a truth, obvious to all, that mental illnesses are brain diseases that result from complex gene-environment interactions. We will be reaping the therapeutic benefits that accrue from the discovery of risk genes for autism, schizophrenia, manic depressive illness, and other serious mental disorders.

We will also routinely analyze real-time movies of brain activity derived from functional magnetic resonance imaging, optical imaging, or their successor technologies, working together with magnetoencephalography or its successor technology. In these movies, we will see the activity of distributed neural circuits during diverse examples of normal cognition and emotion; we will see how things go wrong in mental illness; and we will see normalization with our improved treatments.

Amazingly, not a single mental, emotional or behavioral disorder has been validated as a disease or a medical syndrome with a confirmatory physical or chemical abnormality or marker within the brain. And Hyman knows this. And yet the NIMH and all in academic psychiatry and mental health regularly represent all of the ?serious mental disorders? as though they were, and would have the public, the legislature, and the judiciary believe that they are.

Further, with not a one having so much as a physical marker and any prospect that any technology will validate a one as a disease, Director Hyman pledges the application from decade to decade of every evolving technology to confirm his/psychiatry?s belief that ?mental illnesses are brain diseases?. Observe his use of the term ?normalization? establishing, etymologically at least, that those with mental illnesses are abnormal.

Lending ?neuro-biologic? credence to ?depression? where there is none, and demonstrating the complicity of neurology with the ?biological? psychiatry, and thus the psychiatry/pharmaceutical cartel, Gerald D. Fischbach, MD, Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, states:

Neurodegeneration is a ubiquitous phenomenon that occurs in many brain diseases, not only in the classic neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neurodegenerative disorders also contribute significantly to epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and even depression.

Alan I. Leshner, PhD Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, rejoins:

We are also optimistic that advances over the next two decades will allow us to identify many of the genes that cause an individual to be more or less vulnerable to drug abuse and addiction.

What he says here is that addictions are diseases waiting to be validated; also that some putative diseases, like ADHD, predispose to substance abuse and addiction. No such things have been proven. Leshner, at the Consensus Conference on ADHD, represented it, as if real and validated, to be a ?risk factor? for addiction.

The public cannot imagine that an entire profession-psychiatry would deceive and lie so completely. They cannot imagine that they would spend billions of dollars, decade upon decade on what is sham research on sham diseases to convey the impression that ?diseases? invented in-committee, at the American Psychiatric Association--invented out of thin air-are actual diseases. Having invented such diseases psychiatry not only suggests that we get treatment for them, but asks the legislature and the judiciary to mandate treatment, under threat of forced treatment, claiming they make the invented ?patient? a danger to himself and others, or, is at risk from their ?life-threatening disease?.

The deans of all medical schools, all department heads on medical faculties and all neurologists know full-well that bio-psychiatry is a fraudulent endeavor, top to bottom. They cannot volunteer this information because all of them-all of medical academia is bought, paid for and beholden to Big Pharma-the world-wide pharmaceutical industry. They cannot volunteer this information because psychopharmacology-brain altering, damaging drugs for normal children/persons is the most profitable sector or sector of all of the overall pharmaceutical enterprise-bigger than that for an real disease, or group of diseases (infectious, arthritic, etc.).
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Im not a scientologist. I could give a shit less what Tom cruise is in to. I only agree with his views on psychiatry. I like to see it exposed for what it is....a total sham. It exists today because it is a huge money making machine. Unfortunately, we suffer from their greed.

Ive read in a couple of articles that our mental health "experts" believe they will be able to prove their "theories" on mental diseases by the year 2020. We'll see.
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