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Hello Everyone!

In case there are people here who are not aware of the fact that Depersonalization Disorder goes under Rare Diseases, you can check it for yourself if you desire to do so from this link:

There are about 7000 recognized rare diseases in the world which makes up a population of 350 millions of people altogether. So, obviously we are not alone 'at all' !

It is being said on a variety of different platforms/resources that the future of rare diseases depend extensively on patient-doctor collaborations and taking active part in clinical trials. There is no other option. And proof for that? Just type 'Rare Diseases TED' to check TED talks on youtube, patient stories and how they managed to initiate action to save themselves and others. Here is an incredibly impressive story for you, if you haven't checked yet:

So if you are living especially in the developed part of the world, please consider joining Patient Organizations and Charity Events. Run a marathon for your cause. Remember, the future is ours and ours only!!

Here, there some good links for you to consider:

This recent research news also gives me hope regarding the future of depersonalization/derealization:

Have a good day everyone!
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