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today im feeling great!!!

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wow. i woke up for work at 7am. the weather here got the mornings fresh but it was comfortably warm. just a thin cardigan over a shirt was enough to not feeling freezed. the sunlight goes through the front window of my car. and dpdr loses all of its power on me. this is a very beautiful day for me. and the last 3-4 days of my were gradually going better after reducing my zoloft from 50 to 25mg. if my life can be such beautiful, this disorder isnt a problem at all. im feeling very grateful!!!
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Very happy to hear that Leminaseri!
thx buddy. wish you all the best either
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Glad to hear Leminaseri I hope it will stay this way and even improve more.
thanks homie. wish you all the best as well!!
Good to hear my man
I hope you get your freedom back!
thank you buddy. i dont see it as freedom. and i also dont see this as a victory against some illness ive gotten. i just rediscover with every passing day that i love it to live. i got a life, and i love it. this triggers very beautiful feelings inside of me.
Hell yeah enjoy the day it’s alive and beautiful.
thanks my brother. the hitword is definitely „beautiful“. sometimes we need to look for what is beautiful and also seek for it. life offers at least to me still beautiful things, despite dpdr.
Glad to hear, bro!
thank you so much. i once written you a pm did you get it at all?😂

So good! I hope it keeps going even better!
to be honest, i believe today i realized that the expectations shouldnt be to get rid of this. i believe it is more of an embracing of what you are or what you became. the moment where i thought and felt „god the sunlight is so beautiful“, i immediately realized this disorder isnt a necessity for not feeling good and never giving up with a „normal“ life + time (3,5 years) contributed to this mindset. so if someone got recently dpdr and read this, the person might think that im crazy and how it can be possible to talk about beautiful things with this disorder at all. but it doesnt happen from today to tomorrow. persistent effort and time is key.

i still feel somehow weird and kinda off. but it doesnt have a power on me anymore. i can have more important, real life related problems than that. and to realize just this, gives me the feeling back to being a human who got a life.. i hope i could explain myself as you know english isnt my native
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