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tobacco and DR

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Yep, just smoked two tiny cigars and did not even inhale most of it, but the little bit of smoke I got into my lungs is enough to incite DR and anxiety. I am jittery inside right now.

I know that it would be the same with alcohol. Pulls out DR as soon as the alc takes effect.

Am I just oversensitive or is this normal?
Any suggestions?
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I get horrible dp/dr and brain fog every time i quit smoking. The brain fog get's especially bad to the point where i cant function. The clonazepam makes quitting abit easier but not much.

Also i think i read that smoking affect's the metabolism of certain benzos and makes your liver metabolize them faster so you need more of the drug then you normally would. So smoking while taking clonazepam could be totally counterproductive. Not that you need that as a good enough reason to give up smoking.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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