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tobacco and DR

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Yep, just smoked two tiny cigars and did not even inhale most of it, but the little bit of smoke I got into my lungs is enough to incite DR and anxiety. I am jittery inside right now.

I know that it would be the same with alcohol. Pulls out DR as soon as the alc takes effect.

Am I just oversensitive or is this normal?
Any suggestions?
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No, sometimes when I'm at a bar and there is a lot of smoke, I feel my DP coming on strong. I don't drink at all so I don't know about the alcohol. But even when I smoke ciggs my self (I don't smoke weed or do ANY drugs) I feel the DP starting. Not all the time, but most the time. I just try and talk my way through it. Yea know....come on, pull through this....concentrate. Athough the ciggs do mess with my DP I just can't seem to quite the ciggs. I only have about 10 or less a day but it calms my nerves down soooo much. But I do think there is a connection between Ciggs and DP
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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