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tobacco and DR

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Yep, just smoked two tiny cigars and did not even inhale most of it, but the little bit of smoke I got into my lungs is enough to incite DR and anxiety. I am jittery inside right now.

I know that it would be the same with alcohol. Pulls out DR as soon as the alc takes effect.

Am I just oversensitive or is this normal?
Any suggestions?
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Nicotine stimulates the central nervous system, making you feel awake and alert because your body releases epinephrine which is adrenaline I think. Your heart rate goes up after a couple of drags. Withdrawal really alters your mood - especially anxiety and heart rate.
Its a catch 22 situation because once you are hooked, the same drug can produce a calming, soothing feeling which is what you get addicted to. Plus there is the psychological dependency which makes giving up a nightmare for any anxiety sufferer. I would choose a time when you are not especially struggling with your anxiety if you want to give up.
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