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tobacco and DR

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Yep, just smoked two tiny cigars and did not even inhale most of it, but the little bit of smoke I got into my lungs is enough to incite DR and anxiety. I am jittery inside right now.

I know that it would be the same with alcohol. Pulls out DR as soon as the alc takes effect.

Am I just oversensitive or is this normal?
Any suggestions?
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Wendy, I will tell you how you would feel...from going from a 2 pack a day anxiety smoker for 28 years. I still get stressed and anxious,but I just don't light up. I hate it for me. :evil:

Now my husband was a pack or so a day smoker and he could go a week without lighting up if he was with some of his outdoor buds on a trip. He says he never thinks about it until I start whining about it. :(

They are awful for you. But then, there are times in my mind when I think a cig and a Jack Daniels would cure all that ails me. I feel DR if I even smell alcohol now ( which must be in my head, but it still feels like a trigger). Smelling second hand smoke sometimes smells good and other times makes me nauseous.

I, you asked for suggestions, but the answer to your question is much too obvious for one as bright as you. But...if I must say it...JUST STOP. There you have it. :wink:

Best Wishes to you.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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