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To those with kids

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I have a 12 year old daughter (who is very mature and intelligent for her age) and she is aware that I have some very serious problems but really doesn't know what they are beyond anxiety.
For those with kids.... Do you feel it safe and easy to explain DP to your kids? How have they reacted?
Should I show her the "definition" of DP from this site? It so clearly explains how I feel and I think my daughter would understand a bit better if (along with my help and further information) she could read the definition from the site.
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Your post is rather condescending. I already KNOW my daughters age.
I said she is intelligent in relation to other kids her age. I am not saying she is some kind of genius or can fully understand adult matters and emotional disorders. I am just saying that most kids her age (at least around me) appear to function at a level below what my daughter functions at.
For now I will take you're advice b ut I also think hiding too much from a child can be harmful as well.

Would anyone have a different opinion if I said it was m y 18 year old grown child? I assume then it would be appropriate.
I wanted to add something else.
You are correct that no one can understand this illness unless they have "been there" but no one can fully understand cancer unless they have been their either.
Think about the parents going through Chemo that have to explain to their kids why they are sick and puking and their hair is falling out.
Nevertheless it must be done.
Wow! This thread really took on a life of its own since I last looked at it.
I just wanted to thank everyone for all the great input.
I think the general consensus is a pre-teen child has enough to worry about without learning about DP.

I also was wondering for those with adult children... Have you explained it to them? If so, how did you approach it?
She is very aware of how much she is loved. Probably moreso than most kids today.

As far as why I feel the need to explain is because I feel that my symptoms of anxiety and DP are extremely severe and she has seen me get quite bad many times (those times where I feel like I am flying off the panet). I try my best to hide it but there are times that I actually look quite bad. The anxiety approach is probably the best as I have anxiety attacks that are so very severe that I still believe I am dying when I have them. I have feelings of completely seperating from my body and it is just so bizzare.
One of the big problems is my ex-in-laws... They are familiar with anxiety but they think it should be manageable and they will tell (if they haven't already) my daughter that I am able to function normally and that I just don't want to (as you all know that is the farthest thing from the truth for someone with severe anxiety + DP).
I was actually looking for a way to tell her how terrible debilitating this is and how it goes beyond simple anxiety (something I now see she is not ready to hear). I am on disability for this and she knows I am on disability but saying it's for "anxiety" sometimes seems silly. Especially now that anxiety is the "in" thing.
Oh well... I am rambling but maybe I have made some sense of my situation. If anyone can relate at all let me know.
Thanks you guys for being here and thanks for this forum. I have be able to get some great advice from many of the other threads here also!
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I am on daily doses of Xanax and have been for years. I still take a very low dose and many times it helps but there are some times it doesn't and I can't go up on the dose.
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