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To those with kids

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I have a 12 year old daughter (who is very mature and intelligent for her age) and she is aware that I have some very serious problems but really doesn't know what they are beyond anxiety.
For those with kids.... Do you feel it safe and easy to explain DP to your kids? How have they reacted?
Should I show her the "definition" of DP from this site? It so clearly explains how I feel and I think my daughter would understand a bit better if (along with my help and further information) she could read the definition from the site.
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For me I wouldn't explain anything beyond the anxiety. I would be afraid of letting my kid know anything about this because I wouldn't want them to think in the back of their mind, wow, dad is like this , what about genetics,, could I possibly become like this too....

I also want my kid to look up to me and have him respect me and I think that would give him one more little trump card , not to... (dad's kind of nutty, why should I listen to him?)

I don't know that is me personally.. Yeah I am having some anxiety issues but I will be fine..... is my preferable choice.

Just my thoughts...
For me... I wouldn't tell any of my kids anything other then hey I have an anxiety disorder...I am being treated and I will be ok.... My oldest is 27 my youngest is 15, I don't feel like I am hiding anything from them. I have told them the truth...but why scare them with the details.

My wife had breast cancer at age 31, we told the kids but we didn't go into all the details about her masectamy , we just told them she had to have surgery to remove the cancer.

I think physical elements of disease that they can see is easy to talk about, but I don't want to worry my kids about me mentally. Anxiety is an easy, less frightening thing for them to understand. I don't want to tell them every detail about my symptoms, I don't want to possibly draw them into this disorder later in life.

Again it's just my opinion, you have to do what your comfortable with.

Have a good one
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I have not explained the DP/DR to any of my children,, just that Dad has some Anxiety/ Depression issues and he is getting help with them . I just don't think i want my kids oldest is 27 to know about this crap and put it in the back of there heads that it could happen to them..... If any of them end up this way I will share the knowledge with them then .. but I see know point in sounding like a looney to my kids it serves no purpose.
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