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To the people who have recovered. I need hope

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It hit me in March of this year. And I had no idea what was going on. My psych said that I was going through bad anxiety and depression and prescribed me some medication. Well the medication has made me worse and I am now weening off but I’m scared that now because of the meds I have done worse damage to my brain and healing process. I need hope. I want to give up so bad. Who has recovered? And even after taking a bunch of sffeeent medication
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Ive been suffering from dp 2 years now.. At some point I thought i lost my mind.. but then I would have days where I actually felt somehow normal. I do feel worse when I dont sleep well, like less than 6h or when I oversleep, or when I go through stressful situation( work deadlines, travel etc) then I get anxious and those weird thoughts come back, I feel depressed and I just feel hopeless.
I only took one kind of antidepressant (for about a year) but then stopped abruptly which wasnt the greatest idea but anyway since then i didnt take any. I believe we can heal ourselves naturally. What I did actually is just tried to eat healthier, limited sugar, coffee (i do drink coffee from times to times but not everyday), I drink lots of herbal teas to calm my mind and exercise- I try to go to gym 2-3 times(cardio classes). I used to do 2h yoga every week before, I find it helps alot. I try my best, I still have anxiety and anxious/weird thoughts, sadness sometimes but I can tell you its getting better.If I compare myself from 2 years ago I was in worse shape, I used to have panic attacks I couldnt calm myself but now.. no panic attacks. I believe our minds are too tired from this anxiety and we need rest. I know this healing process will take time, just we need to be patient and not give up!
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