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yes its a holiday and yes ive just invented it. anywhoooo does anyones derealization/braun fog/lethargy get worse when they havent pooped in a while? ive pooped way less often than other people my whole life but after i got the derealization i started to notice that when i was constipated or hadnt gone to the bathroom in a few days my brain was much more foggy...
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Ever since this started for me I’ve had a lot of bowel issues. At first it was diarrhea and nausea for weeks then constipation back and forth every couple days. Recently as I’ve been recovering slowly and feeling better it seems to have evened out. I lost a lot of weight initially too because I was barely eating for weeks. Now I’m eating again almost too much. There’s definitely a connection between the brain and the gut. I’m trying probiotics and eating healthy. It helps!
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