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Hi (Homeskooled),

Since I have DP/DR and big dissociation, I have read about TLE, and it's true there is a lot of similar symptoms. A LOT. I feel like I belong to those symptoms, I have a lot of suddent symptoms like whouush :) I called it like that because it's like I just miss something, miss some minutes, even when I go in and out a place for a few minutes. Just wonder if it's anxiety or more than that, because I have this a lot since my delivery..... It's really like I have slept and don't remember well what I just did.... and before my delivery I didn't had this.

I buy things to the store, come back home, and say : ah, I buy that? :shock: I feel like I wasn't there at all when I bought it. The same for my conversations wit my friends. I barely remember hours after what I did, like if it wasn't me. But where was I ? (sad lol) Today I tried clothes ( I TRY to enjoy it, but I feel like I don't care anymore cause I am NOT THERE :!: It's logical ), and when I went out the store, I felt like confused, like I didn't really remember what I just did.

I continue to think that Klonopin don't help me for memory problems, but I wonder which med could help those wooooooosh without memory problems... I take more Klono and id doesn't help at all for feeling there....

I know all anti-convulsants aren't good for the memory, so what to take??? :?:

Also : why I had a EEG and it showed nothing? If I have TLE, can it not be showed in EEG?

Thanks all who answer me. :) And HS too! :wink:

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I just Googled Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I'd never really thought this could be caused be psychosomatic.

If anyone knows how easy to have tests done in the UK, please let me know. At least I can either rule it out or find an answer. It would certainly explain why I feel I have felt this my whole life, yet have never had any traumatic experiences (Well, some of them were to me. But I think that was me being over sensitive.)
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