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I'm tired of "living" every single day like this. Tired of fighting. I feel like I'm just getting worse and I HATE it.

No one around me understands what this disorder is doing to me.

I just want this all to stop, one way or another.

I'm simply tired.
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I feel your pain. 6 months in this hell fighting 24/7 is exhausting. I'm mentally drained. I'm hoping the new medication helps me. How long have you had this and have you tried any medications?
I've been dealing with this for over 7 years. I had it pretty bad at first for several months, and then it was manageable until about 4 months ago. I'm really not sure why it hit me so hard this time. It sucks. I'm really sensitive when it comes to medicine, so I'm not taking anything. I hope your new medication helps you too!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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