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Tips on work life/jobs with anxiety disorder?

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Hey guys!

I've been dealing with this disorder (not sure if its this or just a side effect of the overall condition I have, but it certainly started with intense DP/DR, now just DP) for about a year now. I'd say I've gotten good at regaining my life and I can feel my brain slowly but surely recovering, however the one aspect I find the most difficult to overcome is getting to work. I work from home and every time I sit down to get going I get greeted with many of my main symptoms and its hard to overcome and I mainly just have to push through it most days and its incredibly frustrating and surely fuels depression and just keeps me in that constant state of stress. Does anyone have any tips on regaining focus/lessening this trigger? I feel that if I can overcome my work trigger, I will be very close to full recovery! I've been talking to my therapist about it and she recommended changing up my schedule/trying to things while working to bring back some excitement.

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Maybe it is because you work at home? you are in your comfortable environment and I know that if I worked from home it would be really hard for me to concentrate.

Can you work outside at all? maybe you should rearrange your work space or go for jogs before you get to work.
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