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Tips for Stupid fears holding me back

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Hi everyone, I know it's common to be afraid of developing a serious mental health issue when you have dp/dr and I have done myself no favours early on in my struggles I constantly googled symptoms of people with serious mental health issues. Delusions/ voices etc to the point where I would try and convince myself I was having the same thoughts or I would always listen out to see if I would hear a voice that no one else heard just constantly on high alert. It got a lot better to a point I almost considered myself in the clear but lately those thoughts are coming back the fear of developing something I can't control really scares me and I'm guessing I have developed some form of OCD towards it constantly ruminating over it, just after some tips if anyone has experienced it and what helped move on from it?. :)
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Thanks for the responses I have been through it in full depth to the point I went and saw a highly ranked psychiatrist and after a couple of visits he said I have hypochondriasis which I truly believe is the case but some times these bizarre thoughts make me worry, on the other hand if I never read up all the delusions and hullicanations mentally ill people have I wouldn't even have these thoughts I feel as though I put them there and then worry about them. The mind is a powerful thing haha
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