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Tips for Stupid fears holding me back

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Hi everyone, I know it's common to be afraid of developing a serious mental health issue when you have dp/dr and I have done myself no favours early on in my struggles I constantly googled symptoms of people with serious mental health issues. Delusions/ voices etc to the point where I would try and convince myself I was having the same thoughts or I would always listen out to see if I would hear a voice that no one else heard just constantly on high alert. It got a lot better to a point I almost considered myself in the clear but lately those thoughts are coming back the fear of developing something I can't control really scares me and I'm guessing I have developed some form of OCD towards it constantly ruminating over it, just after some tips if anyone has experienced it and what helped move on from it?. :)
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I have exactly the same symptoms as you. The past 3 months were complete hell for me. I still think that I might have some serious mental illness and that still makes me scared, which I think that is the main cause of my dp, however I stopped researching the symptoms so frequently now and I am slowly getting better thanks to exercises and maybe the antidepressant I'm taking. I do believe dpdr is completely related to fear. Once we don't fear things anymore and don't get scared with ourselves, we get rid of dp. A thought that is really helping me is that nothing is permanent, not even life... so I can't be like this forever. Another thought that is helping me is that everyone and everything dies, and so what? This is not a big deal. We are part of this planet even of we don't feel like at the moment and like everything else that is alive people get to an end too. These thoughts make me feel more grounded and more relaxed.
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