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Tips for Stupid fears holding me back

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Hi everyone, I know it's common to be afraid of developing a serious mental health issue when you have dp/dr and I have done myself no favours early on in my struggles I constantly googled symptoms of people with serious mental health issues. Delusions/ voices etc to the point where I would try and convince myself I was having the same thoughts or I would always listen out to see if I would hear a voice that no one else heard just constantly on high alert. It got a lot better to a point I almost considered myself in the clear but lately those thoughts are coming back the fear of developing something I can't control really scares me and I'm guessing I have developed some form of OCD towards it constantly ruminating over it, just after some tips if anyone has experienced it and what helped move on from it?. :)
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Hey JWD, having DP/DR puts you in a very vulnerable mental state. As such, ruminations and obsessive thoughts are quite common. But fear not, because as disturbing these may be, they are just thoughts. Now I know that won't be enough to ease your trouble so I would also advise to socialize more and perhaps even consider some counseling.

Talk therapy, although a simple approach, can make a huge impact and if you truly engage in it, it will go a long way.

You are not alone in what you are going through. I've also had some incredibly weird and bizarre thoughts and I would always end up looking things up on the web.

What's frightening is the fact that searching for symptoms amplifies your already enfeebled state of mind.

BUT, I also believe that researching this subject can alleviate some stressors in the long run too.

It's really a balance as to what you search for or what you want to find versus what you should be finding.

I would also like to wholeheartedly agree with the person above me.

As he/she stated: "Once we don't fear anymore and don't get scared of ourselves, we get rid of DP."

This will perhaps be your greatest battle yet. I would even consider this to be a spiritual one too.

And once you break the shackles of your misery, reunite body and mind and let go of the illusions and delusion, you will be reborn into a new being.

Stronger and more assertive than ever before.

Some people take medication and quite honestly it will help but it won't be a miracle drug. A lot of the pushing will have to come from you, not the meds.

If you want to know of some supplements and strategies, let me know.
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