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just a quick question, i have read through everyones symptoms, just wondered if anyone else had the buzzing in their ears permanetly cause its driving me nuts :?:

i didnt put it on my list but bloody hell its annoying me now.
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Oddly enough, this is a new complaint of mine recently, and mind you I've had DP for a Looooooooooong time. I believe with me it is connected to a chronic sinus thing.

I had sinus and tonsil surgery, lengthy antibiotic treatments in my 30s. It helped immensely though it was Hell to recover from.

Just recently, starting about a month ago, I have sort of a static sound in my left ear, and a constant ringing in my right ear -- two tones that vascillate! For me, I suspect a lot of long-term infection in my right ear. I will be going in to see my doc if it keeps up.

But, interesting, this started when I was under a ton of stress. Well these days I feel like I'm endlessly under stress. I have my 46th birthday in about 6 weeks, and I'm not pleased. I don't like being on the other side of 45, not to mention 40 w/chronic DP.

Interesting, but I think quite a few people have tinnitus, many of whom don't have DP.

Don't know.
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In my case, this has to do with chronic ear infections. I've scheduled an appt. with my internal med doc to have a look see. It may be antibiotic time again.

Also, I looked up tinnitus, and of course forgot to save the URL, but it can also be a symptom of anxiety -- clenching of the jaw, tension headache or something, breathing incorrectly seemed to be noted as causes for this. Could be.

For me, Hell, I need a new head. Just replace the whole damned thing and I'll be fine.

I believe Aspirin also causes tinnitus, caffeine, I'll try to find the link again. My suddenly getting this after 30 years of chronic DP ... don't think it has to do with psych meds.

Well, like I said, I need an entirely new head.
And I have an ear infection.
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