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Times of SEVERE DP

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My DP is worse than it has ever been right now. Just very, very, very, very detached. I mean when someone walks into my office it immediately gets worse. Without me even thinking about it.

When it is at it's worst, what do you all do to deal with it? I mean, it is so bad right now I just want to give up. I can't concentrate and my mind is just so frozen. Comments are appreciated. Thanks and take care.

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Dear Kelson,

although not in accordance with your feelings: go out.

You will not go insane. Insanity is a relief compared to DP/DR.

You will have to attach (like a leech) to reality. Emotionally.

Very hard to comprehend in the state you are in - but, you (as the special person you are) are neglecting parts of your feelings and of yourself.

Try to regain control. Realise that you, Kelson, is shaping your own future. DP/DR sucks - but it is no cancer or heart disease.

Hard to believe - but true: DP/DR is self envoked.

Find out what you are avoiding your feelings want. Maybe you want that chick in the restaurant, maybe a different job, maybe to get angry with your mum...Maybe just being honest to yourself. And here the ball rolls.

Do not stay inside - you will focus on your own thoughts more and more. You'll rationalize like Socrates. Do simple things and please try to react on impulse.

Just do - go out, although it seems like a nightmare - and feel the power within you that you are the master of your life. Feel it.


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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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