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Tianeptine is curing me!

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I've had dp for 10 years hardcore. I had grey hair by the time I was 25. I'm now 27. I'm walking on a trail as I write this on my phone. I read about tianeptine a couple weeks back on a nootropics board on reddit. I've tried every any depressant under the sun and nothing has ever touched the worst symptom derealization. This past few months I was planning suicide a lot. It's just been too long with no joy or hope of getting better and being completely alone, agoraphobic and out of my mind completely.
I bought the sodium first, tianeptine sodium. It worked for anxiety but it's action is short and it's not really medicinal. Then I got the sulfate and bam... things feel real. My heart doesn't feel broke. And what was a living nightmare seems like another person. I'm really thrilled about this and I hope for the love of god some of you stubborn fucks give it a try. Much love,
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I asked my GP about this and she hadn't heard of it. It isn't prescribed in the UK but is in America I believe. EDIT: it is a mu opioid agonist which induces euphoria os helps depression.

I have said for a long time that my DPD is related to physical tension and when I had a very low dose of Valium/Xanax it helped I think. But my Dr was against prescribing it long term.

Might get back on the chamomile tea, its piss weak in comparison but does mimic GABA and help relaxation. Perhaps this is why I and others have found CBD helpful as it physically relaxes you. I will send the OP a personal message as maybe he gets email notifications for them
Whoops! I normally double check these things, and the one time I dont I remember wrongly. Tiagabine is a GABA reuptake inhibitor NOT tianeptine. (I have edited the original post).

That was something that looked interesting though and someone elsewhere on the internet said it helped their PTSD/dissociation.
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