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Tianeptine is curing me!

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I've had dp for 10 years hardcore. I had grey hair by the time I was 25. I'm now 27. I'm walking on a trail as I write this on my phone. I read about tianeptine a couple weeks back on a nootropics board on reddit. I've tried every any depressant under the sun and nothing has ever touched the worst symptom derealization. This past few months I was planning suicide a lot. It's just been too long with no joy or hope of getting better and being completely alone, agoraphobic and out of my mind completely.
I bought the sodium first, tianeptine sodium. It worked for anxiety but it's action is short and it's not really medicinal. Then I got the sulfate and bam... things feel real. My heart doesn't feel broke. And what was a living nightmare seems like another person. I'm really thrilled about this and I hope for the love of god some of you stubborn fucks give it a try. Much love,
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