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Thoughts on how DP/DR has changed you permanently (not saying brain damage)

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I think I'm realizing now after 11 years of DP/DR how much different not only my life would have gone but my personality too. I feel like DP has made me much more empathetic (in the long run of course, I think in the short term I was just angry) to other peoples emotions and much less of a conformist or a BRO for lack of a word. I definitely would have kept in the rat race and kept buying needless stuff and chasing stupid pleasures where now I feel like I've lived 50 years in 30 and just want a very few simple things most of the time. I feel like a lot of people, men especially stay 20 permanently and I'm having a hard time getting back into that game. I don't know if it's just a phase or if since I've spent so much time in existential thought I've just seen through the BS. It is really weird becoming so sensitive to how everyone is trying to dominate everyone else all the time except for a few rare people. Again I can't tell if this is paranoia or if I've just become disillusioned with the game we all play. Men want power and women are actually attracted to it and we are all fucking up the world at an alarming rate. I kind of hope I come back to earth in a small sense and these thoughts stop being so loud but I've thought them for so long they are very hard to un-see now. Any thoughts? Much appreciated
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We are definitely shaped by our experience of reality. I feel very grateful for experiencing life in a unique way than others. It's true everybody is chasing pleasures, power, selfishness. Years and Years of Dissociation has really humbled me.

"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."
Thank you
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