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Thoughts of existence and space

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When I was growing up (and even now), the following thoughts freaked me out to the point of terror. Has anyone else thought about this, and has it bothered you?

1. The Earth is just a ball floating out in the middle of nowhere - how did we get here?

2. Even though we are standing on the ground, we are literally just on a floating mass in space?

3. The concept of space infinity, and being so small in comparison - like the sun is millions of miles away. It's almost incomprehensible.

4. Did you ever think that we are part of someone's dream?

I don't see how someone could be an astronaut and travel in space - I would be freaked.

I always chalked it up to thinking too much about life in general (how did we get here, etc), and it led to anxiety.

I know these thoughts seem weird, but we all have our weirdness.
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I dissagree - all but 4 are totally rational thoughts, because they are absolutely true in terms of logic. Its just the fact that thinking like that does you no good - as a passing thing its wierd, but when you dwell on it you are scaring yourself for no good reason.
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