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This is part of what I find scary about dp. It seems just way too easy to talk sometimes. It's the way that the smallest of thoughts pops into your head, and within a nanosecond, you're able to form a huge sentence to express it. Language just seems too easy to manipulate. The way in which thinking and language are so closely intertwined, that you can't actually seperate them. Words seem to come out of nowhere, and you can't stop them. God knows why you'd even want to stop them, or why it should even be problematic. It seems these days every little thing about existence has become problematic.
F*ck knows what I'm even talking about. It seem the more I delve within my own mind, the more I realise how disconnected I really am. There is no real free will. There isn't even me as such. There's just a bundle of thoughts and feelings, but I can't seem to pinpoint the 'I'. Why I'm even trying to pinpoint the 'I' is beyond me. It's clearly very dangerous, and only going to mind-f*ck me further.

I disagree. I've got so many jumbled thoughts that they seem to get in the way of speaking and often I totally lose track of what it was I was saying. Don't say that there is no free will, because unless you're a christian, you don't know that. :|
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