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Thought Patterns...

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Yesterday I think it got worse than it ever has, I thought it was getting better, but I don't know. I had a panic attack, went severley DP'd to the point where I sat on the stairs and screamed...

This left me feeling out of it all day, completely and utterly detached... All I could do was sit on the sofa and play board games (not alone :)) The idea of anything outside scared me, I felt like an automaton. Like a 3D robot in a 2D comic strip... It scared me to death and I had that feeling of doom and annihilation for the rest of the day, I thought I was dying. I wouldn't eat or drink or move or anything.

Today, I feel the same, but without the doom feeling or panic or fear of dying (yet) and I'm trying to stay positive but I do feel so very out if it... I wonder how I'm able to type this infact - How did I get from my bed to the computer??????? WHERE AM I???? Lol...

Does anybody else get stuck in a thought pattern - Say, if you get a certain thought or feeling in your head at 10 in the morning, you know it's going to stay there and plague you until you sleep that night. Then when you wake it will be a different worry, and it'll start all over again??

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Hi rocksy,
I get stuck in these thought patterns all the time. Worrying too much about everyone and everything, i think brings on my feelings of DP.....stress is a major trigger for bringing on my DP symptoms.

GAD...generalized anxiety disorder is the name givin for constant should look it up.

I think that when our minds are so overloaded with negative thoughts we tend to think spend the day in a dreamlike state of mind, going over and over the same worries, then more worries and more......until that is all we are in our own little world and yes it is extremelly frightening when we try to then transcend ourselves back into the real world.

I think that we probably are so used to our own little dark, doomed troubled wee world that facing people seeing them being able to cope with things makes us then feel like we are weak and unable to cope and deal with everyday life.

I find that if i structure and plan my day to keep busy and visit people it helps take my mind off things that i would otherwise spend the day torturing myself over. The computer is a great way to speak to people but it can also be our undoing as again its time spent in a little world of our own.

I hope you are beginning to feel better now and my thoughts are with you.

Take care
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