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Thought I was basically recovered :(

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The last month I seriously thought I was basically recovered. I felt somewhat happy, connected, and the weird thoughts were almost all gone. I was living life as normal as possible. I still had this weird lingering sensation but I thought with time it would go away too. Now I feel like it's all coming back again. All of a sudden I feel like I can't think properly, my memory sucks, and possibly brain fog is coming back and I feel a disconnect when I talk like I did when this first happened. I connected back then disconnected again ???????????? I feel so frustrated. I'm scared I'll never know normal again or be a normal happy functioning person after all this.
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Hi Courtney
Sorry i just seen your reply
It's a hard feeling to try and describe
When its really low the dp its like theres nothing wrong but there's something but what this is how i describe it .
I hope you get well on your way to recovery again
Its the slight sensation of still being a little detached....It comes and goes in my own case....Unfortunately it has never left me completely after all these years...And just in case i start scaring everybody that has just been my own personal experience....EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT....Just cos ive not recovered fully from this doesnt mean everybody else wont...
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