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Thought I was basically recovered :(

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The last month I seriously thought I was basically recovered. I felt somewhat happy, connected, and the weird thoughts were almost all gone. I was living life as normal as possible. I still had this weird lingering sensation but I thought with time it would go away too. Now I feel like it's all coming back again. All of a sudden I feel like I can't think properly, my memory sucks, and possibly brain fog is coming back and I feel a disconnect when I talk like I did when this first happened. I connected back then disconnected again ???????????? I feel so frustrated. I'm scared I'll never know normal again or be a normal happy functioning person after all this.
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Keep pushing. I have these days all the time. We can't give up. I can't remember if you told me you take medication? I am going to see a new psychiatrist next week and I'm praying he can help because I can't believe I been like this for 6 months.
No, no meds. Ugh it's so frustrating. Good luck with the psychiatrist! I really liked mine. 6 months for me too ????
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Well that's great you were recovering without meds... hopefully it will happen again! Or are you gonna try a medication?
Oh thanks! Yeah I'm glad I got as far as I did without meds. I think I'll keep trying the non med route. I'm pretty sensitive to meds and I think they'll make things worse. Thinking about trying acupuncture soon! They claim it's good for built up anxiety
If meds work for you, stick with them. Good luck with everything, I hope you find something that works for you!
did u do anything that help u get thru this? i feel like i lost my personality, i think its brain fog, but yeah its like im almost faking everything i say, howd u get past that part
Time honestly... and honestly I still feel a bit that way. But time really helps. I'd say I've really tried to be distracted and still live my life and do things I like. Just trying to bring me back to myself. I also think EMDR therapy helped me too, I noticed I started recovering after 2nd session. Fake it till you make it has been my motto through all this. Hoping we all get back to ourselves!
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Hi Courtney
When you were getting better did you still have a low lieing feeling of something being not quiet right?
And I'm very sorry that your having a set back , it happened to me last year its very disappointing i know .
But im sure you will get back there again we did obce before
Yeah that's exactly how I've been feeling. Like something is just off and I can't really describe it. Thank you ????
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