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This or That?

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Answer and then ask the next 'this or that' question.
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I dont get your question.

Orange Juice or Grape Juice.
Orange juice. What would you pick out of your two choices Jesse?

See a Ghost or see an Alien?
An alien, but only if it knew cosmic secrets.

Power to withstand scorching heat or to hold your breath for days?
To hold my breath for days like a Buddhist Yogi.

Have access to all your partners thoughts and secrets or have access to top secret government files?
Thoughts and secrets.

Go on a vacation to Vegas with Satan or go skiing with the angel Gabriel?
Oh that's a tougthy, I mean if Satan was real he might be a real blast but I would choose skying with Angel Gabriel, Satan would probably get on my nerves after too long or get me in big trouble.

Sex with a playboy girl/boy for a week or all the free drugs you could want for a week.
Free drugs. Wouldn't want to cheat on my girlfriend and nothing beats MDMA + sex.

Have your son confess that he's a gay stripper or your daughter confess that she's a whore?
Have son confess he's a gay stripper.

Go a week without food or a week without sleep.
Week without food. Unless I could have amphetamines. Then I'd do both.

Unrequited love or find out your significant other is cheating?
I did do both on speed many times many years ago-VERY bad idea-that crap really fucks you up.

Unrequited love.

The ability to fly or the ability to live forever.
Definately the ability to fly.

The strength of 1000 men or unlimited stamina.
unlimited stamina

to achieve right now everything you'd ever wanted and then be left with nothing else to wish for, or to live a life of struggles and not know if you will achieve what you dream of.
The first one. That was too easy Scylla. :)

X-ray vision or invisibility(the good kind where your clothes disappear when you do)
I would have chosen Scyllas second one-I like the adventure and the journey of life more than reaching any destinations.


Sweet or savory

Read my poem or read my poem?
tough one ehhh, read your poetry

Iggy Pop or Lou Reed
iggy pop

have God come down personally and awnser 20 of your questions, or be able to have consentual sex with anyone you wanted whenever you wanted
661 - 677 of 677 Posts
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