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Hello everyone,

This morning I awoke to find myself full of the worst DP/DR I ever had.

Both the world and myself didnt feel as though they existed.

I tried to feel here, but just couldnt. It feels as though my soul has disappeared. I have no inner core. I cant talk myself out of this because my voice doesnt feel mine, neither do my thoughts.

The outside world feels strange. I feel like a stranger to myself.

My kids were talking to my, but I was so paniccy, I couldnt take in what they were saying, just total terror.

What the hell is going on.

As the day wore on, I started to feel a tiny bit better, but still dont feel a whole person in a real world. Im sure Im going to lose all consciousness of myself.

Please help me.

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things do get better. mornings were unbearable for me. just keep existing and it will start to ease.

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If I told you how many times I felt the same exact way, you wouldn't believe me : ) Probably about 50 times in the last few months. Don't worry, it will pass. Each time seemed worse than the last for me, and I was scared sh*tless I would get stuck that way forever and never come back. The good news is no matter what, you always come back. It is just that your senses are heightened, and for some reason or another, the DP is being fueled big time. It's kind of tricky b/c when we get to this point, we tend to forget about all the stuff that could be sourcing the DP. We might wake up and feel so out of it words cannot even begin to describe it BUT chances are something else played into why we are doing so bad, even if we can't pinpoint it at the moment. Try your hardest not to focus in on the way you feel, and how the world seems. You will gradually wean out of this feeling (altered state,) just give it as little attention as possible, and focus outwards
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