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god bless yall

idk random song

have a good year everybody

try not to think so hard about ur dp

yeah its hard

i guess its easier said then done

and 2 years and 4-5 months deep

im at the point where this is normal

still not satisfied

but the hard part is over

i guess im just working towards my career right now

kinda sucks

but who knows

we might be cured in a couple months

or even 2marro

who knowsssssss

i was once cured in a matter of seconds

it can happen to anybody

best thing

for those who think

o my god the time is so scary


who gives a flying fuck

just know

ur trippin and move on


have a good year all

im drinking a beer

i know ima pay for this later

but oh fucking well

live once

its all good

bless yall

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thanks friend, i've been like this 4 years, and every time i think of the past, its like its non existent. and every time i think of the present, its like i'm experiencing everything for the first time.
but anyways, i hope we all have a very good year and that many of us overcome this
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