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Since my motto is "whatever works", I tried to restrain from commenting on this one, but the cruelty of the people, such as those who are behind this kind of advertising, who actually abuse other people's serious condition of profound suffering this way is blatantly despicable.

Zayniii, I sincerely hope that you don't seriously buy it. Of course, you are free to believe whatever you choose to, but at least don't let people like that take advantage of you!

I don't even want to comment on expressions such as "contract" and "disease", and "life sentence". This is some serious BS.

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Wow, it's been a while since I've read so much text that isn't based on anything. It's like they took every possible New Age crank idea and put them all together.

Here, let me tell you what DPDR is caused by: it's caused by your consciousness being out of tune with the Vibrations of the universe. These Vibrations are kind of like the heartbeat of the universe. You have to free your Mind and reinforce the connection to your soul through meditation to become one with the universe's Vibrations again. That's the only way you can be cured of DPDR.

See how I just DECIDED based on NOTHING what DPDR is? Yeah, that's what the author of the site did. Exactly that. There's no evidence basis for either their claim or my claim.

I do understand the appeal in these concepts. That's the reason they're so popular. They appear to make sense intuitively. It's a fictional framework that puts the world in a neat box where everything is explained somehow. But that's all it is. And it's comforting. For example, reincarnation assuages our fear of the unknown, death; the concept of there being a soul comforts us because it makes us feel special with something permanent instead of us seeing ourselves as merely evolved primates with only a transient existence; the universe being a conscious entity and caring about us, again, comforts us because we feel like there's some kind of daddy-figure that always watches our back; and so on. Problems arise, however, when you try to apply these to actual, practical life. When you apply something that amounts to nothing but wishful thinking to practical matters, you're not going to get results. There's a reason we moved on from superstitious medicine to secular medicine, you know, actually curing illnesses. Attributing a neurological problem like DPDR to some superstitious nonsense is not going to help whatsoever, just like attributing your headache to God being mad at you isn't going to help either.

It makes sense to me
So it makes intuitive sense to you. Is that sufficient for determining its truthfulness? Would you want to live in a world where we base our knowledge on "it makes sense to me"? I wouldn't because in that case we'd still be living on a flat earth where diseases are cured by exorcising evil spirits.
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