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My name is Dyrion Jones, but u can call me DJ.

I am 16 years old. I'll be 17 November 22nd.

This is my first time dealing with DP.

It all start from something I don't even do and will never do again. It was November 14th, 2019. It was a Thursday and I was feeling fine; everything was alright with me. I was outside in the parking lot, sitting in my friends car; when my other friend pulled up. He told me to get in the car because he was gonna do a drift. I got in and he did the drift, when I got out my stomach was upset but other than that I was fine. And then my friend pulled out a blunt and lit it. I hit it 2 times and then we went into the school. I then called my mom to come pick me up because I didn't feel well at all. When she got me home I went right to bed. I woke up and I thought this was all over... Nope I still felt high. It is now Nov. 20, 2019. I found out about DP two days ago and the symptoms are the same as the ones I have now. They say that if u just don't think about the DP that this will all go away. But that's hard for me to do.

I just need somebody to help me, because I have never had this before and it's driving me Insane and Crazy.

If anyone reads this pls, post a response of something I can do to get rid of it. Does a relationship really help u get through it or not?

Pls explain your recovery story to me so that it may help me to.


And how long will this last?

Anything will help me at the moment, pls somebody... anybody

From: A Lost Kid and A Lost Soul
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