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My DP/DR used to be manageable, I would have existential intrusive thoughts all the time but felt somewhat tethered to the world. Now it's a living Hell. I think one of the things that pushed me over the edge is that humans look so strange to me, like I can't recognize my own species. Today I was driving and I felt like I had been dropped into an alien world, I didn't feel like I could recognize anything around me. I'm obsessing over the fact that I am a thinking brain that experiences life subjectively and I have no idea why. The world I've been living in for nearly 2 decades feels as though it's brand new. I constantly question if it's real, and then feel crazy for questioning my reality. I feel so, so hopeless. I know I can't get out unless I accept it, but it seems impossible to accept. I feel like I was just born into someone else's body, or at times, am just nothing at all.
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