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this is me, lies

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hey everyone

i am lies, 20 years old and i live in blankenberge that's in belgium
i know there aren't many people from europe here(certainly not belgium)
but it's hard to find a forum of depersonalization, so i'm happy i found this one

I am havind quit a hard time for the moment,
i had depersonalization all my life, but last year, i stopped school
(to much stress...) with the pleasant result of finally 'feeling'
for the first time i 'really' lived,
yes, wonderfull, in september i started school again,
again, great, to finally feel how it is to go to school...
untill 2 weeks ago,
it's all gone again, everything is difficult and everything goes slow again
nothing happens by itself, i have to make me do everything...

didn't realise it's this hard, before i was used of living like this,
now i know how it is to live with feelings...
i'm afraid i will have to quit school again,
but i really finally have a normal student life...

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no medication
starting therapy...

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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