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The following is my random scribbling to focus on with my doc when i meet him. Let me know if you guys can relate and feel it is dp.

So here it goes

- Feel like passing motion more than required with diarrhoea and motion incontinence

- Very bad eye floaters and vision problems (Dots, lines, grains)

- Feeling absolutely blank/empty/without even a single thought

- Want a complete health check-up such as hormone levels with clearer diagnosis

- Full body shaking/vibrating/tremors all over. Even in the head and very badly that too.

- Unable to think/understand anything/grasp information of any kind

- All departments of memory are horrible bad (Unmanageable and dysfunctional)

- Speech and language problems: such as stuttering especially while having to pronounce S, have forgotten lot of words,non-fluent speech

- Weird and abnormal breathing patterns including shortness of breath and choking etc

- Extreme weight gain is not only raising concern but is making things practically uncomfortable

- Feel very uncomfortable overall, feel very odd, uneasy, restless, agitated

- Completely disoriented, disconnected and dissociated

- Zero motivation; unable to do a thing

- Very very poor and depressive moods

- Electric shock like feel in the head

- Zombified; like a dead person

- Change and alter meds to the best effect possible

- Forgetting things thought about even a second back

- Hospitalization could be considered

- Feel brain dead (Quite literally)

- Extremely agitated, irritated

- Want complete cure; at least peace of mind and basic moods to begin with

- Especially last few months have been bad so meds could be altered maybe?

- Extremely poor, NIL cognition

- Not remembering anything at all (Complete blankness)

- Can't imagine, visualize or do any such mental activity

- Feel distanced from the happenings of the world

- Feel completely demented

- Something needs to be done for moods

- Focus on completely curing me and DP

- No smell, taste and such senses

- Not able to enjoy anything

- Very Critical

- Whole system is affected

- Body mind problem

- Biochemical Imbalance

- Extreme inner restlessness

- Severe problems on focussing such as head tightness

- Unbearable inner restlessness

- Losing track of thought

- Earlier doc's medication effects

- Radiologist opinion

- Inflammation

- Abnormal gait

- Not feeling relaxed at all

- It's all physical, organic, chemical, neurological etc

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Sundar did you find anything that helps with your symptoms ?? I relate so much and im tired ,have no energy to fight it off .pls let me know if you found anything that helps or if your symptoms got any so tired of this cruel game failing ,feel like my brain is shutting down and being attacked with horrible symptoms 24/7.
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