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Hi Sc,

I know it' sjust what we all need to do. But I am sure this isn't was you did in the first place, and for years I am sure you tought about it. Ways to be better.

I realize we are all most of all very obsessive by nature, and we are trying to find THE answer, cure, explanation. Obsessiveness is the key who keeps us in DP.

But, you didn't try many meds to help you. I know you don't want to (I understand too), but at least you CAN try if you want (anti-obsessionnal meds) f you can't stand it, I mean. :shock: At least if would help depression. And maybe you could try therapy one day.

If you decided to let go, and forget about DP, I wish you the best of luck. You deserve so much to be Dp free. I have a special thinking to Dreamer, too.

I am sure you are a smart and gentle guy, and that is why I say to you good luck in your decision.

Cynthia xx

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i agree - thinking "so what" instead of "what if" is a real key.

I've also found that being defiant at times can help. i.e thinking "f--- you" instead of "what if" - taking this thing on and putting it back in the little hole it crawled out of.

I think learning to let go of everything we hold so close to us, not just DP/DR, is the path to that inner peace (and normal brain function) that seems so elusive.
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