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when i used to hit the sack i used to hate the thought of closing my eyes and having these thoughts rolling around in my head but now im starting to enjoy the thoughts and images in my head when i lay there waiting for sleep...its as though im losing the fear of the thoughts my head used to contain....sorry if i sound like im gloating but this is very weird for me it feels as though my wiring is coming back together...i dunno maybe its just a good spell...anyway hope eveyones well and dandy,i had a bad blip a few weeks ago as you all know (drink induced) and ive had to make a contract with my therepy group that i will abstain for at least three months,ive also contacted my local A.A to enquire about meetings and they hold three meetings a week and ive been told that if i feel i need them then i am welcome to pop not an alcoholic but i certainly seem to have patterns of binge drinking that really do not help...but since quitting the booze i find it hard to sleep,i dont usually drop off to sleep until about 5am....its not a healthy sleep pattern but its either that or take a drink to get me off to sleep..
but regarding the therepy its damn hard work,not physically but mentally,and its very new and i do find it very very weird and freaky at the moment,im the rebel in the class at the moment but im trying my best

Stopping drinking is I think, the biggest oversight we all have. Sure, it might not cure dp dr, but i'm almost positive it was making it twice as bad for me.

That is why, tonight, i am not drinking....hooray!?
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