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This has been confusing me! Some panic symptoms without panic?

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Ok I have to figure this out.

When I get anxious I can have a full body feeling. Like burning on the arms and legs. Legs can feel weak. Shoulders hurt. Feels like stabbing in the traps. etc...

Whenever I look stuff up online I keep running in to this odd thing where shit just doesn't quite line up with what I experience. I'll explain.

When I look up these symptoms from anxiety there seems to be some talk of fast heart rate and basically panic. Hyperventilating. And fast heart rate!

But from what I can tell I often don't have that. I just get anxious about something perhaps or triggered and I can feel a burning sensation creep over me. I can feel the adrenaline instantly... Or so I think its adrenaline

When I look up adrenaline stuff there is also talk about panic. Fast heart rate pulling blood away. And how it all goes away after a short period. But In my case this burning sensation can just sit there and be a pain to get rid of.

And about the shoulders its from muscles tightening. But that seems odd. It just happens so fast. It doesn't feel like thats what is happening.

So I get confused here. I can be reasonably fine and calm. Then for whatever reason (sometimes bad thoughts or events) i just sort of "catch on fire". But I don't believe I'm breathing fast, panicking, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate. Hell I've even been totally keyed up and freaking out in the doctors office and they take my blood pressure and its totally fine. So no blood pressure.

Any help or relating or whatever is appriciated. Or links to stuff that helps explain. Family members talk about having some of the stuff I deal with but some things seem different. Its a puzzle.
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