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Yes please! Please talk about DP/DR and schizophrenia
Couldn't tell you about schizo mate as I haven't really got any knowledge of it,only what I have read. How come you requested that?

Looked at your profile though and it seems you're fixated with it.

Do yourself a favour in dimsiss the idea of schizophrenia, it's only going to make you worse obsessing over it.

During this condition I understand things are easier said than done but you have to try,your focus should be making the changes in your life to improve your health, not sitting there wondering everyday do you have such a condition, I've been thinking it lately but you get caught up in it and your symptoms gets worse. You are merely creating more trauma due to the uncertainty of your condition, you have DP do what's meant to make your better, try it, see what happens.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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