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Think my brother might be schizophrenic.

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Yesterday he came into my room and just broke down for no reason. He said that he's been feeling like nothing he do will matter once he's dead, and that if he's enjoying himself or doing anything like that, that he is wasting his time and doesnt feel like doing anything. Apparently he had been trying to give himself psychic powers since 7th grade, but stopped before 8th grade (he's a freshman now), and when I asked him to prove it he tensed up his hand and just concentrated super hard (like vein bulging in the forehead hard) and said that his hand should be cold now. His hand was still pretty warm, but he said he's been able to do it before but he couldn't because he's not as focused. He also claimed to be able to move a paper with his mind, but the spot he did it at is right below a vent that air circulates through aswell. He also is trying to give himself enlightenment by spending 45 minutes a day doing certain mental activities that I didnt really understand but apparently he got them from youtube. The thing is though, is that when I brought up that he might not have powers and that it might be coincidence for some of his "premonitions" aswell, he said he realized it sounds pretty silly and seemed somewhat dissuaded from trying to do it. This seems like it might just be a mix of ocd with some other personality disorders, because I've been through similar delusions where I fully believed something until I said it outloud and talked to someone and realized it was bogus (solipsism), but I am still very worried. any help or advice?
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