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Things that help and pave way for a CURE

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Ok guys. Hi. So we all feel like we are fucked and doomed. I mean, it's fine that we feel that way I can understand but that attitude will get us nowhere. So I'm starting a thread with things that has helped me. I want others to pitch in as well and contribute to this. So here's my list of things that helps me a great deal:

1. Yoga (big time! It's important that all of us do it)
2. Diet; such as fresh fruits, vegetables, green tea, nuts, good bacteria(yakult), turmeric powder milk
3. Going to work, however hard it may sound you'll be surprised as to how well you can actually do. Trust me
4. Listening to healing sounds(eg: tibetian bowl, om chants etc). I'll send direct links of them soon. The best ones.
5. Chanting simple yet profound vedic mantras (eg: om namah shivaya)
6. Certain meds (eg: olanzapine, especially modafinil which I feel is a game changer)
7. rTMS (but don't have very high hopes or especially of a magic cure. Sorry, nope! It works brilliantly for some so much so they get completely cured but not so for others, say for someone like me, but worth the try since it has no ill effects)
8. Brain stimulation. If you are not able to get it done professionally I'd say listening to healing sounds is nearly as close

Thanks and love from India.
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Even in that case it would fall under SD mate. Acceptable and negligible.
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