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things lightening up a little

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hey, i'm not too sure how i'm feeling but just thought i'd post-i've just had some real rough rough months and I've gotten behind with my uni work... been struggling to stay together sometimes but I'm feeling hopeful now as am getting some proper help... I went to my 2nd appt with new psych the other day about my SSRI induced seizure disorder and even though it hasn't shown up on EEG (this is common for a % of people with seizures-i know it's not anxiety cos of the sertraline which i had the reaction to) he has referred me to specialists to check out the physical side of things (metabolic causes and stuff-i get some real bad easy bruising,excessive sweating and stuff aswell as the other stuff) It's still a long road and I know I'll never be rid of the seizures, I'll hopeful be able to start to get the right help :)
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I am glad to hear you sound so hopeful! Please keep us posted.

By the way - is that your picture next to your screen name? Do you sing in a band?
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