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Here are the top 10 of things that I hate, and since everybody knows that expressing one?s frustration is therapeutic and dp releasing, I post it here.

1. Hordes of people
2. People in general
3. Teachers
4. Therapists
5. Doctors
6. School
7. Lack of silence
8. Tension
9. Speed limits
10. Dp

Add to the list whatever you want and experience the breeze of freedom from dp through listing your personal piss offs! It really works!
Maybe we get a top 100 hatelist sometime...

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Shrinks, GP's, therapists, lawyers, pharmaceutical reps, Roche, Glaxo and smithkline

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I'm too down to get incensed about anything, but at this precise moment in time, mine are:

1. Not knowing what I'm mean to do with my life
2. Lack of interest in things I wish I cared about
3. Tiredness
4. Limitations
5. The cold

I think it's really cool to continue conversations that were finished almost 3 years ago, though. That get's me excited for some reason. I feel like I'm playing a trick on father time himself.

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Aug 22, 2004 - May 17, 2007... *Blinks* :shock:

1.People I can't trust.
2.People who you meet with for sympathy only to gain ill judgement.
3.Women who turn out to be a snake with tits.
5.Smokers (apart from my family and friends).

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Lets see... I'm really down right now so I can vent a little.. (vent is the word, right?)

1. Failing.
2. unsensitive people.
3. people who judge me and don't even let me try.
4. wasting time.
5. not having any amazing skill/skills.
6. feeling alone and afraid all the time.
7. fighting me and everyone and everything around with almost no success.
8. Being far away from my friends and most of my family.
9. My step sister.
10. losing hope and feeling lost.


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Sorry to hear you are so down, EverDream. Creative pursuits are a good antidote to depression.

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Lets see i can think of a few things i hate.

1. Stupid ignorant people
2. Judgemental people
3. People that get in my way in supermarkets and shopping malls and refuse to move unless i tell them to
4. Major depression
5. Chronic pain
6. Talk radio
7. DJ's who won't shut up and just play a fukking song instead of yapping on and on
8. Top 40 music
9. Cops
10. Countless other things that are to long to name off

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1. Work that involves sitting at a computer every day
2. Not knowing any decent alternatives to work that involves sitting at a computer every day
3. Groups of men. ie. the Army, Footy teams, gangs...
4. Having no confidence whatsoever
5. Public speaking
6. Brain fog
7. Paris Hilton
8. People who like Paris Hilton
9. Sexism, racism, discrimination
10. Pumpkin

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Just a couple of things I hate.

[1] I hate it when guys show me their balls to make a point.

[2] I hate it when guys kick me when I show them my balls. Opps, I'm a hypocrite

[3] I hate it when your at home by yourself and don't feel the need to fart, then as soon as someone visits you have 10 in the bag.

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3.intrusive/repetitive thoughts

4.haveing zero focus, and the attention span of a dog

5.not being able to have annyreal fun with my friends

6.pissing away the best years off my life with this bullshit

7.simple plan and any other horrible boy bands of the sort


9. refer to number 1

10. refer to number 2

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this is quite cool

ok things i hate
1. brain dead phone operators...for example...when u ring a utility company and they go thru the motions of ur name postcode etc and soon as u ask anything off trak their brain
2. liars
3. racism
4. feeling unreal
5. people being drunk around me acting foolish when im sober!
6. people asking for advice and not taking it
7. anxiety
8. hangovers
9. people acting superior
10. not always being able to express myself

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1. When the people at McDonalds forget to add the meat to your hamburger... not once, but twice!

2. Waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning, taking a shower, then realizing that I didn't need to get up for another 5 hours.

3. Orange trucks.

4. Anything that makes me itch.

5. People who don't match their socks on purpose.

6. You go to a concert or some event... and the guy at the gate makes you wear one of those cheap nasty bracelets. Makes me feel like an animal being loaded into the feeding stall.

7. Everyone who has a first name that starts with the letter Z'.

8. You know that guy from Afganistan... the one that wears that thing on his head... Osama Butt Laden??

9. Blind Dates.

10. Those pesky people that keep calling me trying to sell me things.

If you want to stop telemarketers, when they ask how you are going just start unloading on them. Tell them you are feeling really bad and just want to talk to someone about it. Trust me, they stop calling :lol:

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