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It's been 2 yrs since my last post. Good news - Recovery is possible!
However I'm back with everything and I'm not doing good...
So here's my story:
About 3 weeks ago I suddenly fainted and had terrible circulation problems (vertigo, nausea...) bc of low blood pressure. I then had chest pain - went to the cardiologist: my heart is fine.
Since then the pain is gone...but my real problems started. After the appointment (I was really anxious all week bc I feared it might be sth serious) I felt really tired and exhausted. I finally could sleep again... then DR/DP hit me the next day. I had it before...really strong..but not compared to this one. Then out of the blue I felt sad and idk... depressed. It's hard to describe - this feeling in my brain... But what's back at its worst? My fear of schizophrenia/psychosis. I am terrible afraid that I'm in the prodromal phase... (right before you get it) Idk. I'm restless and things feel off. It's not like the last time I experienced anxiety. My brain and way of thinking feels different. I'm very tired all the time and everything seems so hopeless...ugh it's all so hard to describe... I was at the psychiatrist today - he told me he's pretty sure I'm not in that phase or I'll get it any time soon... Prescribed me some zoloft which I haven't taken yet..Calms me, but...idk. I have this terrible anxiety and the feelings I'm feeling. I'm so scared.
What are you guys thinking?

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It is good that you had everything checked, and I think you should believe the phychiatrist and his reassurance that you are not in that phase.

This is obviously not the first time you have this fear, but you dealt with it before, and you can do it again.

Try to remember the things that helped you the most last time, and if you have it in written somewhere, go back and read it - I do that sometimes, and it helps me, because sometimes DP can make us forget our own best advice.

Take care,

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