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i was referred for therepy by two different doctors and now im a little confused because the following has happened

i have been told recently that im allowed to join weekly group psycotherepy starting on the 4th of october and lasting for around a year..

in the meentime i was referred to a different psycotherepy dept at the local mental hospital,i had an assement and i was told that my problems were due to loss & rejection and i have just had a phonecall for another meeting and ive been told that it will be one on one treatment and will last for 8 sessions.....the problem is i was told by the group leader for the yearly therepy that it was not advisable to have any other treatment as it would conflict and become too confusing,now should i stick with the group therepy or go for the 8 sessions,in my mnd i feel that 8 sessions arnt really going to be beneficial i was just wondering what you guys think

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