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People with dpdr are hyper aware of the unreality of disconnection, of The FEELING of being a separate entity/individual. Or the feeling of not existing. This is fine. There is nothing wrong with feelings but you have the choice to believe them or not. Let me repeat that: YOU, YES YOU, HAVE THE CHOICE RIGHT NOW TO BELIEVE THEM OR NOT. Do you exist? Of course you exist, but you might not be sure of your true identity. This is OK. Most people don't question who they are or the reality of their individuality.

But deep inside everyone is a core of shared being, some "thing" that connects seemingly separate things; this oneness is your true nature right NOW. Nothing has ever been separate from the source of everything that appears and disappears. What appears and disappears? Absolutely everything in the world except what you truly are. And what you truly are is at peace, in joy, complete, whole, inseparable; you are That which connects!

So the next time your mind tells you that you are alone or disconnected or dissociated or separate from the world around you, laugh and know the Truth of who you REALLY are ????. The truth of who you are has never been touched by any thought or concept you have had about who you are. You have never suffered. The body/mind that suffers is an illusion. An illusion has an unreal and a real component. A mirage in the desert appears like water (unreal) but is in actuality a play of lights (reality). Similarly, the thing that tells you that you are unreal or fake or defective or disconnected does not exist (unreal). It is up to you to recognize this, identify and discard all that is unreal, and be at peace in what truly exists here and now. That is your reality right now and always and "it" is waiting for you to come home.
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