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I felt it was appropriate to post this here, as many of those in the early, "impending-doom" stages of depersonalization/derealization will be browsing this section.

You and I may not know each other, but just know that you are going through what you are going through right now for a reason. Do not fear these sensations that are surreal/unfamiliar to you, they are only sensations and will not harm you.

You may feel as if you have been unplugged from reality so-to-speak, but this is only due to overthinking and overanalyzing. This causes dissociation between the body and mind.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with dissociation. This sensation we experience known as dissociation, is experienced by many, and is a normal response to excess levels of stress on the mind.

Do not ever fear that your mind has left you, for it has only found a place to hide.
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