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Hi everyone im 20 years old and have had DP since i was 14 after my marijuana experiance.....i tried everything to come back to myself and nothing seemed to work....untill i started coonhunting then i came back home to my self.....(problem) coonhunting is only seasonal and soon i went back into DP.....the only thing that really helps me is reading and talking with other people like me....and HORSES i have not had an episode since i started building a relationship with horses .....My newest and best friend is a man named Arny Love he has a therapaudic horse riding ranch for troubled and handicapped teens.....when i went to him i never told him i had problems myself...and to this day he still doesnt know i ever had DP but he knows how to touch peoples hearts through horses and cure what him and horses did for me really is a miracle and now i go to his ranch everyday i can find time too.......The ranch is in Marion,Indiana i really do believe this can help you as it did me .....please contact me on yahoo rowdie_kid or email me [email protected] ............i want to help (lets all help each other).
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